February 18, 2020

The following cases and patterns of persistent toxic behavior are from a February 18, 2020 complaint about abuse and mistreatment of detained sick children filed by the ACLU to the CRCL and DHS OIG.

“CBP detention devastates children’s mental and physical development; children have died while in custody, and conditions are often inhumane and abusive.”

“At the emergency room, a doctor determined that a 6-week-old child was  dehydrated and constipated. The doctor explained that there was little he could do  for the baby and insisted that the baby see a pediatrician as soon as possible.  Instead—and in direct contravention of this medical advice—the Border Patrol  returned the child and her mother to detention. On the family’s fifth day of detention, they were finally released to the San Diego Migrant Family Shelter. The mother recalled that, at the child’s final check-up in  Tijuana, shortly before the family had arrived in the United States, she had  weighed 5 kilos 200 grams (11.46 pounds). By the time the child was weighed at the San Diego Migrant Shelter, she weighed only 4 kilos (8.82 pounds).”

Source: Shaw Drake and Jonathan Blazer, ACLU, Letter to DHS Secretary Mayorkas, “Re: Unresolved Complaints of CBP Misconduct Require Immediate Attention and Accountability,” March 3, 2021.

Sector(s): San Diego

Agency(ies): Border Patrol

Event Type(s): Abuse of minor, Conditions in Custody, Denial of Medical Care

Accountability Status: Complaint filed with CRCL, Shared with DHS OIG