August 5, 2021

“On August 5, 2021, Border Patrol Agents (BPAs) responded to reported migrant traffic in a rural area approximately three miles southeast of Rio Grande City, TX, and approximately less than a mile north of the United States – Mexico border. BPAs arrived at the location and discovered a male citizen from El Salvador in medical distress. The BPAs immediately requested emergency medical services (EMS). Due to the remoteness of the location where BPAs discovered the man, they transported him to a nearby location that was more easily accessible to EMS.”

Age: Unknown
Nationality: El Salvador 
Cause of Death: Medical
Incident Date: August 05, 2021
Incident Location: Rio Grande, TX

Source: Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC), “Fatal Encounters with CBP Since 2010,” <>

Sector(s): Rio Grande Valley

Agency(ies): Border Patrol

Event Type(s): Fatal Encounter

Accountability Status: Complaint filed with OPR, Shared with DHS OIG