July 24, 2021

“On July 24, 2021, Border Patrol Agents (BPAs) assigned to the Harlingen, Texas, Border Patrol station apprehended two undocumented migrants near Highway 77. One of the migrants, a citizen of Honduras, told the BPAs he was not feeling well and displayed flu-like symptoms. The man was evaluated by a Border Patrol Emergency Medical Technician and was admitted to a hospital in Kingsville, TX, that day. On July 31, 2021, the man was pronounced deceased by hospital personnel.”

Age: Unknown
Nationality: Honduran 
Cause of Death: Medical
Incident Date: July 24, 2021
Incident Location: Harlingen, TX

Source: Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC), “Fatal Encounters with CBP Since 2010,” <https://www.southernborder.org/deaths_by_border_patrol>

Sector(s): Rio Grande Valley

Agency(ies): Border Patrol

Event Type(s): Fatal Encounter

Accountability Status: Complaint filed with OPR, Shared with DHS OIG