July 30, 2021

“A Honduran woman who has been in the United States since 2018 was  visiting a friend when they noticed a CBP checkpoint on the way. Fearing what may  come, she got out of the car on the roadside to avoid the checkpoint because of her  immigration status. She called her husband to pick her up, but he refused to come at  first, fearing that he would be mistaken for a smuggler. Eventually, he came to get  her, but they got lost in the desert and in the early hours of the morning called 911  to rescue them. The Pima County Sheriff’s officer then detained her. CBP arrived at  the scene, and she was handed over to them. She was not crossing the border. The  CBP officers then forced her to sign a document and put her in a vehicle, telling her  she was going to expelled under Title 42. She was expelled in Nogales.”


Source: Kino Border Initiative (KBI) and NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, Due Process Denied, July 2021.

Sector(s): Tucson

Agency(ies): CBP

Event Type(s): Inappropriate Deportation

Accountability Status: No further action