June 17, 2021

“Last week, a Honduran father of 5 whose wife is 3 months pregnant was detained by ICE as he and his
family were processed through the consortium process at the downtown Nogales port of entry. The father
does not have any criminal history in the US, and Spanish is the family’s second language, as they are part
of the Garífuna indigenous community in Honduras. As the mother shared in her testimony at the interfaithSaveAsylum event this week, when the father was separated from his family, the CBP officer assured his wife that he would only be detained a day or two, but he has now been separated from his family for over a
week. His wife, who is stranded waiting for her husband’s release at a shelter in Tucson with their 5 children,
attempted to set an appointment to visit her husband at La Palma, but was unable to do so because the
visitation phone system is all in English. She has not received any clarity about when her husband will be
released, and a week after his detention had not been able to make any contact since she does not have
money to put in his commissary.”

Source: Kino Border Initiative, “June 24 Update From KBI”, June 2021.

Sector(s): Tucson

Agency(ies): CBP, ICE

Event Type(s): Family Separation, Lying or Deliberate Misleading

Accountability Status: No steps taken