September 2021

“In September 2021, at least 12 Haitian asylum seekers who expressed fear of return to Haiti were expelled under Title 42 by U.S. officials without access to the U.S. asylum system or any fear screening, according to their lawyer Mirlande Joachim. DHS withheld information about the whereabouts of Joachim’s clients and told her on multiple occasions that she could not speak with them, at one point instructing her to contact the Haitian consulate to speak her clients, some of whom had fled persecution by Haitian government actors. One Haitian asylum seeker told Joachim that she had informed multiple U.S. government officers in the facility where she was being detained that she was seeking asylum and feared return to Haiti but was completely ignored.”

Source: Julia Neusner, Kennji Kizuka, “Illegal and Inhumane”: Biden Administration Continues Embrace of Trump Title 42 Policy as Attacks on People Seeking Refuge Mount (New York: Human Rights First, October 21, 2021) <>.

Sector(s): Border-Wide

Agency(ies): DHS

Event Type(s): Denial of Access to Counsel, Denial of Asylum

Accountability Status: Unknown