About This Site

Hi, I’m Adam Isacson, the Director for Defense Oversight at the Washington Office on Latin America. My personal website is here; it has a “how to contact me” page.

I maintain this site as an archive of information that’s important for my work on U.S.-Mexico border governance and migration. It’s a place for me to keep things, where I have information readily available at my fingertips. It’s a tool to give me “situational awareness” about what’s going on. It’s also a way to share things I find with the public, rather than locking them away on my hard drive.

Those “things” are the following frequently updated pages (or they will be, as I just began building this in early April 2020, while “socially distancing”):

  • A timeline of events, starting with January 2020.
  • Links to relevant reports from WOLA, from governments, from NGOs, and from long-form journalism. (I’m also adding the “WOLA reports” to this site’s main page.)
  • Links to congressional resources like hearing records and prominent bills.
  • Important numbers, frequently updated.
  • Infographics about the border and migration.
  • Public-domain photos.
  • Embeddable videos of at least 3 minutes in length.
  • Links to maps.
  • Daily news links (in a sidebar on the main page).
  • A directory of other organizations doing similar, related, or adjacent work.

Some of this resembles resources that you can find at WOLA’s colombiapeace.org site, which I co-built in 2013, then rebooted in 2020. Unlike that site, this resource doesn’t include a blog or a series of “Explainer” pages. I won’t put much analysis or investigation about the border and migration here. That happens at WOLA’s website: in reports, commentaries, fact sheets, podcasts, videos, and probably other formats. Think of this as the “back end” for that work, the place where the footnotes come from.

If you follow border issues closely, I recommend checking this site often to see what’s new. If you’re not a specialist, though, you may find this site to be interesting to browse around, but lacking explanation or analysis to orient you. Still, I hope you find what’s here to be useful.